Reducing Unnecessary Medical Care

Delivering high quality care is central to a physician's mission and identity...understanding how you perform on best-practices metrics is fundamental to improving.

Marty Makary, MD, MPH,
Professor of Surgery and Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins Medicine

The Practicing Wisely Solution


Physician-led Measure Development

Development is led by physicians across the US, and supported by a team of clinicians and data scientists.


When physicians have questions about how measures are constructed, physician experts can be made available to address them.


Aggregate Practice Pattern Review

Aggregate practice patterns provide a unique perspective on care delivery.


Many decision support tools do not empower physicians to evaluate their decision to deliver care outside narrow confines of individual cases. Care decisions may seem within guidelines until decisions are viewed in aggregate and in the context of the practice patterns of peer physicians.


Actionable Data Reports

Individual reports give physicians actionable data to make more informed clinical decisions.


Practicing Wisely offers unique insight into an organization’s care environment by providing peer-to-peer comparisons of clinical decision-making.

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Importantly, Practicing Wisely reports do not only provide an assessment of a physician’s practice, they serve as a tool physicians can use to improve their practice of medicine.

Thomas Simmer, MD, Chief Medical Officer, BCBSM